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Kitchen hacks in a diet food plate

They say that when you feel comfortable and satisfaction in your kitchen, the aftermath of the food will be more than delicious. However, amidst the temptation to eat a quantifiable amount of food, it is still better to watch out and to control the urge of eating too much. In addition, a health-conscious person requires to spend more time in the kitchen for making a carbohydrate-free meal. This is because a meal is the building block in terms of nourishing the eating style of a person. Of course, before anything else, a woman whose in charge in the kitchen might be wearing any type of women’s activewear and an athletic stylish women’s bracelet after a vigorous activity. A healthy food doesn’t just have to make a person healthy, but the ability to gain well-shaped curves at the right place.

50% Vegetables and fruits

It should always be present on the menu list of your healthy meal plate, because of the nutrients that your body can gain. These herbs has the capability to reduce the chronic diseases that a person can obtain. Furthermore, they also supply the bona fide nutrients that the body needs.

Restriction to your food

Whenever you are on your healthy week, make sure to be mindful on what you eat and make observations of the results. It would be convenient to eat at home, because you know what is mixed in your foods, in that way you’ll know what shouldn’t and should be on your meal. However, common misinterpretations to some is that when you eat a lot, then you’ll get fat which is wrong. The truth is when you eat it should be during and inbetween meals, however in a small quantity, because you don’t have to starve yourself too much to achieve a fit body.

Reward yourself a dessert in a healthy way

Indulge yourself in satisfying your sweet tooth in a natural way. There are different set menu that can be found online that has an ingredients like yogurt, fruits and biscuits. Our body still needs to be supplied little amount of sugar to maintain the balance.

Explore new foods

Reward yourself once in a while with new foods to taste, but be sure to be mindful with these things, because they might cause a reaction to your body that is not good that bit might trigger another allergy.

Anything that comes through your mouth matters

The drink you intake is also essential in keeping track of your meal. There are drinks and foods that shouldn’t be mixed, because if ingested together, it might trigger a substance that is toxic to the body which is very dangerous. Always check and infer for information if there’s no harm in mixing the food you are preparing for yourself. It would be ironic to make a healthy food, then you’ll end up killing yourself instead.

It is very essential to be particular in any thing you do for yourself in the kitchen. Keep in mind that the best way to take care of yourself is the presence of mind during preparation of food at daily basis.


Keeping yourself in the kitchen but still losing 5 pounds fast

Lose 5 pounds fast? Experts say it’s not the healthiest way to lose weight. But there are some cases where it’s okay to do that as long as your overall health is good. (Always check with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.)


It really helps when you want a “quick start” to your weight loss plan to motivate yourself and then you modify it to lose weight a little slower.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried so many weight loss programs that you need a quick weight loss plan to motivate you. It’s so hard to continue your good habits when you have to wait a month to get the rewards. So, losing 5 pounds fast with these nothing-but-healthy suggestions will get you started and increase your motivation for the long haul of healthy living at a healthy weight.

The underlying purpose of the quick weight loss plan is to get your metabolism going strong. So as you implement each step of the plan, remember that it is designed to burn the fat off of your body fast. You can still count calories if you want to but it’s not necessary.

Don’t Want to Eliminate Foods? Read this.

Do you have a hard time with diets that eliminate certain foods? I know I do. If this is you, you can cleanse and detox your body and definitely lose weight quickly. Make sure you consult with your doctor before trying this to make sure it’s something you can do safely. If not, just keep reading. 🙂

1. Eliminate all bread, pasta,sugar and fat from your diet


This is a drastic step, I know. It may even seem contradictory to other information found on Healthy Living for Moms and that’s why I stress that this is a drastic step. But please understand that bread and pasta made from wheat flour are the worst things you can eat if you are trying to lose fat. It doesn’t matter if it’s whole grain, high fiber or low carbs pasta, grains in any form will make you fat.

2. Think about what bread and pasta is made from and you will understand

Why this must go. To make bread and pasta, grains, lots and lots of grains, are processed to make just a few ounces of pasta or a couple slices of bread. It’s like concentrated calories in just a few ounces once you eat it and then your body has to work extra hard to get rid of it. If you want to lose 5 pounds fast, lose the bread.

If you continue to eat fat while you are fat, the fat on your body will never burn off. Besides, healthy foods can be made to taste delicious just by adding lemon juice, garlic, other spices and herbs to your cooking.

Sugar turns to fat if it’s not used as energy immediately. Everything you eat eventually turns to sugar so it is not like you are depriving your body of an essential ingredient. Plus, too much sugar causes too much insulin to be released into your body and raises your risk of insulin resistance and eventually diabetes. If you want to lose 5 pounds fast,lose the sugar.

If you really need to have some kind of bread or pasta, look for products made of rice flour. If you have an Asian section in your supermarket or health food store, you will find rice noodles (make sure it doesn’t have partially hydrogenated vegetable oils in it) or rice thins that are a tasty substitute.

3. Eat a small meal every 2 to 3 hours

Your small meal should consist of 2 – 4 ounces of protein and 1/2-1 cup complex carbs or fruit, such as salad, green vegetables, or a dense fruit like apples. You can eat a 1/2-1 cup serving of any kind of rice (white or brown),oatmeal(quick-cooking not instant) or potato to make your metabolism burn fat better. The principle is to combine the right foods to make your metabolism work efficiently.

Eating the meal every 2 -3 hours will keep your body burning fuel constantly and steadily increase your metabolism.

4. Eat before you exercise

I was always under the impression that you should exercise on an empty stomach but this is wrong. Your body needs fuel to exercise and it helps to eat a small meal before you exercise to keep your metabolism chugging along. The meal you eat should be about 200 calories and contain a carb like oatmeal or rice (instead of fruit or a vegetable) before you exercise so your body will have plenty to burn.

5. Drink 100 ounces of water a day

Conventional wisdom says eight 8-ounce glasses of water but 100 ounces (that’s 12 eight-ounce glasses plus 4 ounces more) is sure to flush out all the fat you are trying to lose. Minimize salt in your diet, too, since it can cause your body to retain water. If you want to lose 5 pounds fast, drink your water!

Give it a week and see if it works for you

If you think these steps are too drastic for you, try these fast free weight loss tips.

You may decide that it’s too much of a sacrifice to lose 5 pounds fast. But if you think it might work for you, make a commitment to this plan for one week and you will see that it really works…you will lose 5 pounds fast. You might even lose more! If it’s too drastic for you to continue, just implement one of these principles at a time and see how it will make a difference in your weight loss program.